10 good reasons to become an OP DE BEECK & WORTH sub agent

  1. Independence - you are in control, and as such you dedicate as much, or as little time and effort as you like. Clearly, the more effort, the greater the rewards.
  2. Credibility - Op de Beeck & Worth is a respected and an established brand with an excellent reputation, and therefore it will be easier for you to recommend our service.
  3. Access to most major International Insurance Companies.
  4. Simple set up procedure - all we need to do is sign a standard sub agency agreement and you are ready to go. Apply Now.
  5. Fully regulated - Op de Beeck & Worth are fully regulated by the Direccion General de Seguros to sell insurance products, and are also licenced under the freedom of services legislation to do the same in other EU countries.
  6. Choice - you will have access to a broad range of insurance products, in some cases exclusively designed for OP DE BEECK & WORTH, which should enable you to cater for any insurance requirements which your clients may have.
  7. Buying Power - Our excellent long term relationships with our Insurers generally enables us to obtain better rates and discounts than our competitors, often with coverage features which are not standard.
  8. Back-Up - with over 100 years combined experience at OP DE BEECK & WORTH, you will have plenty of back-up.
  9. Easy accounting - We will provide you with a detailed commission schedule every quarter, which will be accompanied by the invoice you must submit to us for the commissions earnt, and a bank transfer will go to your account with the commission income due to you.
  10. An excellent opportunity to boost your annual income with very little additional effort on your behalf - all you need to do is introduce potential clients, and leave the rest to us. Over the years you will see how your income gradually increases.

Are you convinced?

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