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Welcome to Beeck & Worth's Op blog, where we share information of interest to all those interested in protecting their assets and liability. Whether you are an individual or a company, this content is of interest to you!

Cyberinsurances ...
The recent global cyberattack highlights the need for companies to invest in risk insurance against cyberattacks

The recent global attack against organizations and governments in 150 countries has highlighted the vulnerability of electronic systems.

Cyberinsurances ...
Who is going to want to cyberattack me?

Cyberattacks are not just a problem for large companies.

Health insurance ...
Why Digital Nomads need Professional Liability Insurance in Spain
Spain, a popular destination famed for its relaxed sun-drenched lifestyle and relatively low cost of living, so unsurprisingly, the introduction of a Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) is hotly anticipated amon
Cyberinsurances ...
Who would want to cyberattack me?
Cyber-attacks are not just a problem for large companies.
High Net Worth ...
What you need to know when buying yacht insurance

Op de Beeck & Worth guides you through the process of choosing the right policy.

General ...
Aegon’s New Life Assurance Policies Available from Op de Beeck & Worth

Contracts starting from just 15€ per month* There is nothing like a pandemic to bring into sharp focus the importance of ensuring our family will be taken care of financially, in t

Health Insurance ...
Protect yourself against future incapacity

No one knows what the future holds and should you lose your physical or mental independence, due to age, illness or disability it’s important to know you will be looked after and have the right kin

Professional Indemnity ...
10 Reasons to buy PI Insurance

1.Mistakes can happen

Whether you are an IT consultant, software developer, translator or financial adviser, the moment you carry out your professional activity you are exposed to a numb

House insurance ...
10 Reasons to Insure your Home with Hiscox

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Professional Indemnity ...
Recent worldwide online attack highlights the need for companies to invest in cyber risk insurance
The recent global attack on organisations and governments in 150 countries illustrated the vulnerability of technology systems.
House insurance ...
Payment of Premiums
The claims for the extensive damage resulting from the recent floods on the coast in early December were, to a large extent, met by Spain's Consorcio de Compensacion de Seguros (CCS). The CCS is a ce
Health insurance ...
Accident cover for the over 60s
We can't avoid it happening, but we can make the recovery following a broken bone much easier. SURNE have just launched an innovative new product designed for "senior" clients over 60 years of age.