Let us take the strain out of your claim

When you buy an insurance contract you hope never to have to make a claim, but should you need to do so, we will make sure we are on hand to assist you every step of the way.

Our aim is to treat each customer in a way which we would like to be treated had we suffered the same loss - with integrity, empathy, promptness, expertise and fairness.

Prompt claims settlement is fundamental to how we do business, and at Op de Beeck & Worth we are committed to providing our clients with a swift and efficient claims service, designed to cause the minimum of stress and disruption to your lifestyle or business.

Should a claim occur you can notify this to us by any of the following methods:


Phone: Simply call + 34 95 288 2273 and one of our experienced claims staff will take note of the details, and explain to you how the claims process works.
Fax: Send a fax to + 34 95 288 4226 giving brief details of the incident, and details of how we may contact you, and one of our claims team will contact you.
Email: Send an email to claims@opdebeeck-worth.com giving brief details of the incident, and details of how we may contact you, and one of our claims team will contact you.
Mail: Details and any supporting documentation may be posted to;

OP DE BEECK & WORTH Correduria de Seguros,

CC Guadalmina IV,

Local 97 / 98,

San Pedro Alcantara,

29678 Malaga.

Online By completing our online claims form.


Once the claim is reported our service to you will include:

  • Responding to you within two working days, and where necessary arranging for the damage to be inspected or repaired within 3 working days.
  • Explain to you how we anticipate the claim will be resolved, and any action you may need to take.
  • Keep you informed at all times as to how your claim is proceeding, and what should happen next.
  • Be on hand to answer your queries and questions.
  • Defending your interests at all times, and helping negotiate the best settlement possible for you from your Insurers.
  • In the event that your claim shows signs of encountering problems - albeit as a result of the circumstances, or indeed the size of the claim, we can put you in contact with Independent loss adjusters and legal specialists who can assist in steering the claim to a successful conclusion.


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Why choose us?

As an independent insurance broker, we have been providing our clients with our expertise and advice for over 40 years. Our longstanding relationships with Europe’s leading Insurers, coupled with our experience enable us to find and recommend the best insurance solution, and as a result our business has grown over the years thanks to satisfied clients who come to us by recommendation.

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