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Collectors insurance:

Any perishable object, even the most everyday such as coasters, pins, stickers, hand mirrors, thimbles, toys, plates, pens, trading cards, comics, fans etc., can form a collection of important value for you.

The standard home insurance does not usually offer specific and adequate coverage for collections and therefore your appreciated objects may be at risk.

You can enjoy a tailor-made collection insurance adapted to the characteristics of your collection from 150 €/ year.

What we offer:

A specific insurance for your particular collection. 

All risks cover to protect collectable items against possible damage or loss.

Type of objects:

-Portraits, paintings and sketches.

-porcelain, ceramics, glass, jade and other fragile items.

-sculptures and statues.

-watches, measuring instruments and other mechanical objects.

-antique furniture.

-stamps. -coins.

-books, albums and comics.

-militaria and medals.

-memorabilia: music and sports.

-dolls and toys.

-other collections: any kind of collectables (nonperishable): toys, trading cards, stickers, thimbles, vinyls, etc.

Insurance Features:

• All risks coverage. It covers eventualities that may affect your collectables, making clear in advance what is not covered.

• Specific conditions for each type of collection. Different treatment depending on the characteristics of each collection.

• Sum insured up to 250,000 € with a limit of € 10,000 per piece.


-we provide coverage that others do not offer.

-tailored reports prepared by experts.

-adaptability to the peculiarities of your collection.

-efficiency in assessing and managing claims.

-restoration of damaged pieces.

-experience with leading European insurers.

-strength in protecting your interests.


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