Commercial & Business Insurance in Spain


If you run a small to medium business, you need the right cover to protect you from the multitude of risks to which you are exposed. Running a business in this challenging business environment is tough enough without having to deal with unexpected losses which could have had a reduced impact on your business had the right insurance cover been in place.

The services of a professional Insurance Broker are essential in order to firstly identify the various risks, and then negotiate with insurers to obtain the right solution at a competitive premium.

Op de Beeck & Worth provide commercial and business insurance solutions across a wide range of activities, including;

  • Bars & restaurants
  • Offices
  • Retail Premises
  • Hotels and guesthouses
  • Schools and language schools
  • Leisure activities (gyms, sports clubs etc.)
  • Construction related activities
  • Self employed Professionals
  • Self employed tradesmen

Let Op de Beeck & Worth conduct a thorough review of your insurance arrangements – it will cost you nothing, but may assist in identifying gaps in your present cover, and will quite possibly enable you to reduce your annual insurance cost.

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As an independent insurance broker, we have been providing our clients with our expertise and advice for over 40 years. Our longstanding relationships with Europe’s leading Insurers, coupled with our experience enable us to find and recommend the best insurance solution, and as a result our business has grown over the years thanks to satisfied clients who come to us by recommendation.

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