Art Gallery Insurance

Addressed to:

Art galleries, in a broad sense: painting, sculpture, modern, contemporary, antique art.

Object of insurance:

- Building: at total value or first loss (if the building is not owned by the gallery owner and he/she only needs to ensure the improvements he/she has invested in).

- Content of professional use: computers, furniture.

- The stock of artworks, which will be: own artworks, artworks in deposit, sold but not delivered.

- Shipments of artwork.

- Participation in trade fairs.

- All risks conditions.

- General, professional and employer's liability.


- Fully comprehensive.

- Professional, Operational, Leasable and Employer's Liability.


- Rapid and effective Claims Service.

- Compensation according to ownership of the work.

-Specific conditions for each type of collection.

Insure your gallery with our high quality standards and our impeccable claims management.

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