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Whether we like it or not, or even agree with it, the fact is that over the past few years, we have witnessed a raft of legislation surrounding data protection, with Companies increasingly falling foul of the legislation and being punished with punitive fines.

In Spain, it is the Agencia de Proteccion de Datos who are in charge of ensuring that the legislation is adhered to, and they do this via routine inspections of business’s as well as following up on complaints brought to them by people whose rights have been infringed.

It’s worth noting that the fines they can levy can be up to € 601.012, and these are levied independent of the size of the Company – needless to say, a fine of this magnitude would put many small to medium sized business’s out of business.

Op de Beeck & Worth are pleased to be able to offer an Insurance Product which is specifically designed to offer you protection from actions which breach the legislation and leave you exposed to an Inspection from the Data Protection Agency, followed by a possible fine.

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