Title Insurance

Legal indemnity for properties without occupancy licence, planning permission issues or urban conflicts.

What a Title Insurance is:

The Legal Indemnity of the title is a protection for your title which allows you to sell or acquire a property in much safer conditions.

It protects the Title by offering legal defence (for any of the contracted risks), legal support, coverage of costs of fines and penalties, coverage of demolition costs, and it even compensates for the loss of value of the property as a result of an action of the council (for example, if you were forced to demolish your built-without-license pool, your house would be devalued).

What factors could threaten the title to the property and how can you protect it?

Urban conflicts, lack of occupation license, lack of refurbishment permits, breaches of planning, lack of building regulations, ... Moreover the real estate bubble left many hidden defects in properties of Andalusia and Spain, which could lead to administrative sanctions by the municipalities, legal proceedings, demolition orders... And there are other unpredictable risks such as legal defects, notarial record mistakes, easement/ servitude issues etc., which may happen even years after the acquisition by the owner.

The insurance has a one-off premium and it is valid for 10 years renewable.

Two types of policy:

"Specific Risks": illegal development, occupation licenses, licensing issues, etc.

"All risks": it includes 18 possible scenarios.

This insurance benefits both the seller and buyer, the real estate agency, intermediary lawyers, the developer or the bank.

For example, a single premium of € 1,200 on All Risks policy provides 10 years of coverage for a house of around 300,000€.

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Ensure the success of your conveyancing and the safety of your title to the property.


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