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Health Insurance
Can I get private medical insurance if I have a pre-existing condition?

The approach varies from Insurer to Insurer, but in general terms, yes, although there are likely to be some restrictions, which may completely exclude any treatment related to the condition or involve some form of limitation. It is imperative that you do NOT cancel any existing health insurance before you establish what, if any, restrictions the new Provider is going to impose.

How long does a company have to pay a claim?

Once they have received all the relevant paperwork relating to the claim, they tend to arrange a transfer within 10 days.

Will my premiums increase as I get older?

Yes, your private medical insurance premiums will increase with age as you are more likely to make a claim.

Will I need to have a medical examination before joining the plan?

No, you will simply need to complete a questionnaire with several questions relating to your current state of health. It is vital to complete this accurately as failure to do so can lead to problems later on in the event of a claim.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on a number of factors, but private medical insurance is available from as little as € 1 / day.

Will the cover include my pregnancy?

Each policy is different, but most of the plans we recommend do provide coverage for the birth itself as well as the pre-birth control visits.

Will my Policy cover for drugs and medication prescribed by a Doctor?

Most policies will provide cover for drugs and dressings whilst booked in as an inpatient, but will NOT reimburse for these as an outpatient.

I would like to proceed with a private health insurance – what do I do next?

You can either call us on 95 288 2273 or email and we shall arrange an appointment with you in order to discuss and fully understand your requirements.

Am I fully covered from the moment that my health Policy incepts?

Yes, however, all Insurers will have a "waiting period" until certain insurance coverages are available. You should check these with us as they will vary from Company to company.