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Private health insurance in Marbella, Spain

People are increasingly turning to private medical insurance as an alternative to state health care.

Choosing a suitable health insurance in Spain for you and your family is an important decision with far reaching consequences, and which is complicated by the vast array of products available.

Our flexible range of international medical and health insurance solutions allows us to provide you with a product which fulfil your coverage expectation as well as your budget.

We offer two main types of Private Health Insurance;

Approved Panel of Health care providers

This is the basic option, provided by Spain's leading private healthcare providers, whereby the client has access to an approved panel of doctors, specialists, diagnostic procedures and hospitals. The client simply hands over his membership card, and the health provider invoices the Insurer directly.

Cover under these schemes tends to be restricted to Spain, with very limited overseas cover - so it's ideal for people working on a tight budget and who do not travel much.


You are left with a completely free choice (subject to the territorial limits of your policy) as to the health care provider you wish to use. You simply receive the treatment, (in certain cases subject to prior approval from the Insurer), pay the healthcare provider, and submit the invoice to your Insurer to reimbursement.

Spanish providers will often provide this in conjunction with the approved panel scheme, leaving the client to choose between both options. In most cases the amount reimbursed tends to be either 80% or 90% depending on where the treatment was received and the policy terms.

UK providers offering this scheme tend to offer full reimbursement subject to a small excess on certain types of claims, or a cumulative excess per Insured and policy year.

The levels of cover and limits vary from Insurer to Insurer, and plan to plan, however most of our Policies will include as standard;

  • Dental Care
  • Worldwide emergency care
  • Medical Health Line

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