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Helicopteros Sanitarios complete home GP service from Op de Beeck & Worth

We’re delighted to announce that Op de Beeck & Worth has joined forces with Helicopteros Sanitarios, which means we can offer residents on the Costas del Sol access to a cost effective and extremely valuable supplementary healthcare service.

Helicopteros Sanitarios provides a bridge between private and state medical care on the Costa del Sol. Private health insurance policies cover all aspects of healthcare from diagnosis to treatment and surgery, whereas Helicopteros is more of a mobile GP and emergency service. It is not a substitute for private health insurance, more of an add-on to the public health care service.

How it works

Essentially Helicopteros Sanitarios provides its members with GP service in their home, 24-hours a day 365 days of the year. It has its own highly qualified multilingual staff, including specialist doctors, and fleet of ambulances including mobile intensive care units equipped with the latest medical technology. There is even a 24hour emergency ward in Puerto Banus. Membership is on an annual subscription basis.

Why become a member?

Many expats and regular visitors to the Costa del Sol welcome the peace of mind of knowing that should they have an accident or fall whilst in Spain, they will be attended by a GP in their home, any time of the day or night. They will also attend the scene of members’ road traffic accidents and transfer you to hospital if required. There is no age limit, no medical restrictions or waiting lists.

Membership benefits

  • 24-hour GP service in your home
  • Unlimited assistance
  • Multilingual doctors and call centre
  • Hospital transfers
  • No waiting list
  • 24 hour emergency ward
  • Fleet of ICU ambulances

Annual membership fees

  • Individuals 293€
  • Couple 460€
  • Family (up to 2 children) 517€
  • Family (3 or more children) 537€*

*Prices quoted are valid until 2016.

If you would like to know more about Helicopteros Sanitarios services call us today on +34 952 88 22 73.

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