Claims Examples

Escape of water
A Hiscox Loss Adjuster was sent to our client who had discovered a leak from a bathroom. The leak had damaged an expensive canvas painting stretching 60 square yards across the ceiling. Hiscox appointed specialist restoration experts and tracked down the original artist and arranged for him to fly over to work on the repairs. Hiscox got the right person for the right job, bringing in the experts who specialised in this type of repair.

New Acquisitions
The Insured bought himself a new Patek Philippe watch, but did not notify the new purchase to his brokers straight away. Two months later, whilst the insured was away on holiday his house was broken into and the watch was stolen. Despite the fact he had yet to notify Hiscox of his new purchase, they still paid for the lost item under the "new acquisition" cover.

Ring leaders
On their golden wedding anniversary, a client's husband presented her with a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring. When it was stolen some years later, she was devastated - not only was the ring very valuable, it also had great sentimental meaning. So instead of just giving her the money it was worth, Hiscox decided to go the extra mile, and called on one of their expert loss adjusters and some contacts in the jewellery trade, who sourced some equivalent gemstones from overseas and then had another ring custom made to match the original. The client was simply over the moon.

Damaged painting
A client recently discovered some damage to a painting, which was caused during a party at the client's home. The client arranged for the painting to be transported to a specialist in London, who confirmed the cost of restoring the painting as well as the artistic depreciation which the painting would suffer as a result of the damage and subsequent restoration. Within 5 days of receiving the estimates Hiscox had authorised the restoration and transferred the monies to the clients account.

Power Surge
A client suffered a massive power surge at his home which blew out many electrical appliances which were plugged in at the time, as well as causing severe damage to a home automation system. We had a loss adjuster on site within 24 hours, and the claim was valued at just under € 85.000. Hiscox proceeded to settle the claim with our client, and as the fault of the loss lay with the electricity supplier, they went on to pursue the utility company for the recovery.

The Hiscox claims philosophy means they will NOT try to wriggle out of paying genuine claims by finding loopholes in the policy.


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