Key Facts

The following provides you with a summary of the main Policy features, the benefits and any significant limitations or exclusions. Full Policy details and exclusions are shown in the Policy wording, a copy of which will be provided on completion of the contract or upon request.

Policy features:

Physical Loss or Damage

Your Vessel (as defined) is covered against all risks of physical loss or damage whilst laid up or in commission, within the navigation limits stated and during the Policy period shown on the Schedule.

Significant Exclusions or Limitations

  • the failure to maintain the Vessel in a seaworthy condition
  • wilful or reckless acts of any permitted user (as defined)
  • mast, spars sails and rigging whilst racing unless the racing risks extension clause is shown in the Schedule
  • sails and protective covers split by the wind
  • tenders not permanently marked with the Vessel's name
  • theft of outboard motors unless secured by an anti-theft device
  • theft of trailer unless fitted with a wheel-clamp


Personal Effects (as defined) whilst onboard and including transit to and from Vessel

Significant Exclusions or Limitations

  • theft unless following violent or forcible entry


War, Strikes, Terrorism and Associated Risks

Significant Exclusions or Limitations

  • detonation of a weapon of war employing atomic or nuclear fission
  • outbreak of war between the UK, USA, France,The Russian Federation,The People's Republic of China
  • requisition or pre-emption
  • capture, seizure, arrest by any authority of the country in which the Vessel is registered
  • JWC (Joint War Committee) Listed Areas


Third Party Liability

Where you are legally liable for:

  • Any damage, death or personal injury to a third party, attempted or actual raising, removal and destruction of the wreck.
  • Expenses relating to a coroners inquest
  • Any action taken in an attempt to avoid or reduce any Insured liability

Significant Exclusions or Limitations

  • persons under a contract or employed by the Insured in connection with the vessel in any capacity
  • diving, waterskiing or towing activities unless specifically agreed and shown on the certificate schedule


Personal Accident and Medical Expenses

Significant Exclusions or Limitations

  • pre-existing illness or injury
  • persons under a contract of employment
  • persons aged 75 years or more
  • whilst the Vessel is on charter

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