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At Op de Beeck & Worth we open the doors to a range of options for protecting your Community, whether it is a block of apartments, development of townhouses or collection of Villas we have a variety of products available. Furthermore, at Op de Beeck & Worth we can are also able to offer complementary products for Communities including legal defence of the Community which includes reclaiming of unpaid Community fees, or Presidents Liability cover designed to protect the President and the Committee from claims made against them for their actions whilst discharging their duties on behalf of the Community.

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For all types of Residential Communities in Spain, including apartment blocks, town houses, or residential estates with shared areas, gardens, swimming pools, sports facilities, etc

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Op de Beeck & Worth offer a range of Community Insurance policies which are flexible multi-risk insurance policy designed in modules, enabling you to choose the level of cover best suited to your Communities requirements and budget. 

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The main areas of coverage in our residents’ association policy are: 

  • Fire, explosion or lightning 
  • Replacement of documents
  • Electrical damage 
  • Water damage
  • Communal water pipes
  • Breakages
  • Aesthetic damage
  • Replanting of trees, shrubs and other plants
  • Third Party Liability (including between co-owners) 
  • Claims for damages 
  • Pest control
  • 24-hour emergency assistance

Additional cover and complementary policies can be taken out for: 

  • Employee dishonesty
  • Breakdown of machinery
  • Total ruin
  • Each householder’s private water pipes.
  • President & Committee Liability
  • Legal Defence
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A Community legal defence policy will provide cover for;

The core cover provided by legal defence handles issues relating to:

  • The property itself.
  • Contracts with suppliers/service companies.
  • Disputes with insurance companies.

Optional additional cover:

  • Claims for unpaid Community fees.  
  • Legal assistance for labour issues.
  • Legal assistance with the local authorities.
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The President and Committee in charge of managing the Community are responsible for their acts in the performance of their functions as members of the Committee; in other words, they must respond with their personal wealth for any errors or omissions committed by them which causes financial or personal loss/injury to a third party.

A D&O policy for a Community is designed to protect the President and other members of the Board. 

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The key areas covered are:

  • Legal defence expenses. 
  • Civil, criminal y bankruptcy bonds. 
  • Crisis management expenses. 
  • Coverage for claims relating to employment. 
  • Coverage for claims relating to pollution. 
  • Compensation and financial damages.
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As well as having access to the excellent service we offer at Op de Beeck & Worth there are specific benefits for clients whose residents’ association is also a client of Op de Beeck & Worth. 

Ask your property manager who their insurance broker is, and if it is Op de Beeck & Worth you can apply for better terms and conditions for your home and car insurance.

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We understand that the insurance requirements for your Community are unique, so we would be delighted to consider your case on an individual basis. Please complete the contact form  with details of your Community and return it to us, or if you prefer, give us a call and arrange an appointment and we can discuss your requirements and prepare some quotes for you.

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What our customers say


Thank you for the excellent service.
A friend recommended your company to me years ago and I'm glad I listened to her advice. I have worked with quite a few companies and have rarely had a claim. However, compared to other insurance policies I have occasionally had a claim with (car, dog, ...), your service is top notch: personal service, immediate response, competence and a real personal and individual way you treat your clients.
Thank you very much


The response I received has been very professional, personalised, friendly and close at all times. I have been able to contract a product and service that perfectly suits my needs, when I was faced with several interesting proposals. A success.


All the team members I have dealt with have been professional, patient, polite and friendly. They have dealt with several difficult situations for me and have gone above and beyond to help me. Their advice and judgements have been sound and reliable, so I have always felt safe knowing that I was being well looked after. As an expatriate who does not speak Spanish, life in Spain would be much more difficult without the support of this company.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend Op de Beeck & Worth for a much needed peace of mind. 


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