Op de Beeck & Worth present Civil Liability insurance for Marketing professionals

Friday, 5 May, 2017

Op de Beeck & Worth, a leading Insurance Broker in Andalucía, is pleased to offer, in conjunction with Hiscox, a new insurance product for Marketing and Advertising professionals. Underwritten by Hiscox, who have over 100 years of experience and an award winning reputation, Op de Beeck & Worth can now offer a tailor made Professional Indemnity policy for communication consultants.

Many Marketing, Advertising and Communication professionals are unaware that they may be exposed to risks associated with negligence, such as using an image protected by copyright or the sharing of incorrect information. So, what can agencies, companies and individuals do to minimize these risks and maintain their reputation? Hiscox has extensive experience in the field of Professional Indemnity and has been working for over 20 years protecting companies and individuals in this industry. Hiscox´s main objective is to intervene as soon as possible in such disputes, to preserve the relationship between the insured and their client. This year, Hiscox was voted by the prestigious ADECOSE Association of Insurance Brokers in Spain as the Nº 1 Insurer for Liability and Material Damage, thereby further consolidating their position as a company focused on service and delivering on its promises.

The new insurance package protects the professional against claims for errors or negligence committed during the development of the activity and that may cause economic damage to a third party. The policy is equally valid for freelance or self-employed professionals, as well as SME’s. When it comes to making a mistake, it’s just as likely to be a freelance marketing professional as it is an SME with 70 staff.

What can happen? A creative marketing company is awarded a contract to promote a well known brand of sweets, and as part of the campaign they design a TV commercial which kicks off in Spain and is later launched overseas. With the arrival of the overseas campaign, the client receives a claim from the advertising authorities in the overseas country, as the campaign was in breach of certain legislation applicable to language and images used within a campaign. Without insurance in place, this could potentially put a small business out of business, or at the very least, make a serious dent in the client´s profitability.

The Hiscox PI policy for marketing & advertising agencies can protect the insured, providing peace of mind and allowing marketing professionals to retain their creativity whilst maintaining client relationships and protecting their reputation.

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