• car collection

    The most common private COLLECTIONS comprise art works, stamps, coins, cars, antiques etc. However, almost any non-perishable object, even the most ordinary items such as coasters, pins, stickers, hand mirrors, thimbles, toys, badges, pens, cards, comics, fans etc. may form a collection which is of important value to you.

    Standard home insurance does not usually offer specific or sufficient cover for collections, and therefore your valued objects may be at risk.

  • 09/03/2015

    MAPFRE Health Insurance Exclusive Offer for federated Golf Players

  • 20/02/2015

    In the second column you can see the new tolerance speed limits for traffic radars. From those limits on, the radars activate and consequently you could be fined. According to the new legal framework on road traffic rules, effective today (image source: Diario Sur).

  • 30/01/2015

    Op de Beeck & Worth launches the new Damage to Building Triennial Insurance. This insurance guarantees compensation for damage caused by faults or defects in facilities, waterproofing and secondary works that manifest in developments, from the receipt of work up to three years. It adds value for developments and is advantageous for developers, builders and final users. Greatly simplifies the management of repairs -apart from guarantying them- and improves the financial conditions of the work.