• 14/01/2015

    You may enjoy this article published by Danni Worth in Totally Marbella Magazine, January & February Edition 2015, about High Net Worth Insurance.

    Just click the image to read it.

    You can also click here and look for pages 16 and 18.


  • Patrick Op de Beeck interviewed in "Ahora Marbella"

    Patrick Op de Beeck is interviewed today by Ricardo Caballero, presenter of "Ahora Marbella" (Marbella Now) TV magazine in Radio-Television Marbella.

    We will publish the interview (it is in Spanish) shortly in our website.

  • Private Health Insurance in Spain

    The recent turmoil in the worlds economy has served to highlight that the welfare state in Europe as we know it, is no longer sustainable. One of the consequences will be that the way in which Governments provide healthcare will experience a major upheaval, with more onus being placed on individuals to bear a larger share of the cost.

  • 29/05/2014

    On 9 May, Marbella City Council presented Patrick Op de Beeck, a founding shareholder of Op de Beeck & Worth, with a diploma in recognition of his work to promote the ideals of the European Union.

    As part of Europe Day, the council held an event at Hospital Real de la Misericordia ("Hospitalillo") to honour European citizens who have chosen to live in Marbella and engage in the city's everyday life.