Complimentary Home Inspection Service

Most Insurance Companies expect you to calculate the cost of replacing your home and possessions, and when you make a claim they decide whether this sum insured is correct. If it is deemed, as occurs in many cases that your sums insured have been underestimated, then they will apply the "average clause" leaving you considerably out of pocket.

Our private clients household policy does not include an "Average Clause".

In order to avoid this problem, in most cases we will organise a complimentary home inspection carried out by an expert Surveyor, who will provide advice on appropriate sums insured for buildings, contents and valuable items. They will also make recommendations designed to improve your personal safety and the overall protection of the property.

This approach safeguards your interests as the client, and ensures that there will be no nasty surprises in the event of a claim, leaving you with the peace of mind that should you suffer a loss you will be adequately compensated.


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As an independent insurance broker, we have been providing our clients with our expertise and advice for over 40 years. Our longstanding relationships with Europe’s leading Insurers, coupled with our experience enable us to find and recommend the best insurance solution, and as a result our business has grown over the years thanks to satisfied clients who come to us by recommendation.

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