Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance with Op de Beeck & Worth

Personal Accident Insurance - Special Offer

What it is:

We offer an extraordinarily affordable Insurance for dealing with situations arising from any ACCIDENT, whether it happens at workplace or at home.

We offer two types of contracts with a fixed annual premium:

a) EXECUTIVE: Total Annual Premium: 75 €.

-Death: 90.000 €.

-Absolute Permanent Disability: 90.000 €.

-Great Disability: 120.000 €.

-Funeral Expenses: 2.000 €.

b) PREMIUM: Total Annual Premium: 180 €.

- Death: 200.000 €.

- Absolute Permanent Disability: 200.000 €.

-Great Disability: 300.000 €.

- Death of both spouses in the same accident: 300.000 €.

-Absolute Permanent Disability of both spouses in the same accident: 300.000 €.

-Funeral Expenses. € 3000.

Adressed to:

People with professions that do not involve physical effort or are not exposed to risks regularly and who want to enjoy the coverage of this insurance: executives, sales people, lawyers, or similar professions.


Download your application for your EXECUTIVE or PREMIUM Personal Accident Insurance and start enjoying it.

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