Professional Indemnity - Construction Related Activities

The huge sums of money at stake in construction projects, makes it essential that all professionals involved in the construction chain carry suitable professional indemnity insurance with adequate limits.

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As a long standing broker to the construction industry, we have many years of experience in arranging insurance programmes for risks ranging from refurbishments of villas, construction of larger villas, through to construction of entire urbanisations including golf courses, infrastructure and over 3.000 homes.

Our service will include;

  • Identifying the various risks involved
  • Researching the market to locate the best terms possible
  • Presenting a comprehensive insurance programme with blue chip security
  • Full servicing throughout the policy period, including pro-active claims management

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As an independent insurance broker, we have been providing our clients with our expertise and advice for over 40 years. Our longstanding relationships with Europe’s leading Insurers, coupled with our experience enable us to find and recommend the best insurance solution, and as a result our business has grown over the years thanks to satisfied clients who come to us by recommendation.

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