Works of Art and Objects of Value Insurance

Works of Art and Objects of Value Insurance

A specific insurance for your works of art and valuables.

What type of objects is this insurance addressed to?

Art collections in general:

-portraits, paintings and sketches.

-watches, measuring instruments and other mechanical objects.

-antique furniture.

-porcelain, ceramics, glass, jade and other fragile items.

-sculptures and statues.

-traditional musical instruments, string instruments, wind instruments, percussion, whether antique or contemporary.


All risks cover, including loss or damage, with the following advantages:

-payment of the agreed value of the piece or pieces insured in the policy, up to the amount insured.

-loss or physical damage of the art works worldwide, including transport risks.

-in case of partial damage of the work: you will decide whether to have your work restored and receive compensation for the loss of value of the work, or to be paid for the total value of the work.

-it includes coverage for the breakage of the work that is part of a pair or set.


-Coverage that others do not offer.

-prompt payments post claims.

-expert valuers and restorers.

-adaptability to the peculiarities of your collection.

-excellent relationship with leading European insurers in the art sector.

-excellency in claims service.


Insure your artworks and collections and as custom mode.

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